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A piece for voice and electronics. The piece was composed for Jeff Gavett on commission from the festival Dark Music Days in Reykjavík 2015, with support from the Icelandic national broadcasting service  (Tónskáldasjóður RÚV).


A piece for flute, orchestra and field recordings of insects. The piece was commissioned by the Iceland National Radio, Rás1, for the centennary of Olivier Messiaen, and premiered by Mario Caroli and the Iceland Symphony orchestra directed by Rumon Gamba in 2009. In the piece grasshoppers and crickets from the European continent play with the orchestra but the flutter of their leathery wings creates counterpoint with the flute playing which is at the work’s forefront. Four movements of the piece create one continued action.

Flow and Fusion

A piece for orchestra and electronics.  As a result of her receiving the first prize in the composition competition of the Zucchelli Foundation in Bologna Thurídur Jónsdóttir was commissioned to write this work for orchestra, which was premiered in February 2002. The piece makes use of an ordinary orchestra plus saxophones but with the addition of electronic sounds so as to add a certain perspective to the sound mass. The electronic sounds are all derived from recordings of the instruments of the orchestra and should only be considered as an addition or distortion of the concert hall’s acoustics.  Flow and Fusion was performed by the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra on the Dark Music Days festival in 2004 and subsequently nominated for the Icelandic Music Price and selected by the International Rostrum of composers (UNESCO) in Paris the same year.  Flow and fusion was nominated for the Nordic music price 2006.

“One of the images I had in mind while writing Flow and Fusion were different streams of glowing hot magma coming together in one surging lava-flow which cools down, becomes a rock…and echoes”.

INNI - Musica da camera

A piece for baroque violin and 2-channel electronics - Duration:  7' - 8'. The subtle and fragile harmonics of the baroque violin interact with a soundscape made of an infant's murmur.  An old lullaby is woven into the texture. The piece was written for Halla Steinunn Stefánsdóttir with support from Hlaðvarpinn – women cultural fund in 2012.


A concert for orchestra - Duration:  approx. 6’  Instrumentation : 3,3,3,3/ 4,3,3,1/ 4 perc, pf, harp, strings. The piece was written on a commission of the festival Dark Music Days in Reykjavík, with a support from the Icelandic national broadcasting service (Tónskáldasjóði RÚV). It was premiered by the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra on the festival Dark Music Days in Harpa 2014. Miss Reykjavík Rita is a symphonic drag queen. Her tone is both exaggerated, sensitive, passionate, funky, coarse and sincere. She has not the slightest idea of a good musical taste or the solemnity of the concert hall, and the instruments are a little queer.

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Extract from Lusus naturae by Ólöf Nordal, Gunnar Karlsson and thurídur Jónsdóttir